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Fully funded on Kickstarter!

Thank you everyone for your support of our game and helping make Holotype a reality! We are fully funded and will be working with our manufacturing partners to bring us closer to getting Holotype: Mesozoic North America on your gaming table. We will provide additional updates and photos when we receive the production proof of the game from the manufacturer. More updates to come and we are looking forward to taking this journey with you.

Holotype: Mesozoic North America is a science-based strategy board game for 2-5 players.

You are Paleontologists leading your department’s research into the Mesozoic Era of North America. Using your team of workers you will be collecting fossils from the field, conducting research in the laboratory, and publishing your findings in a scientific journal. You will compete to advance knowledge within the field of Paleontology.

The player who has the most victory points from publishing Holotypes, contributing to Global Objectives, and achieving their secret Personal Objective is declared the winner.

Learn to play Holotyope: Mesozoic North America

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